February 17, 2008


See the Spruce Creek Fly-in through the eyes of visitors and residents...

Spruce Creek by the BBC of London

The BBC of London came to Spruce Creek and prepared a very nice segment covering the gaggle team, interviewing several residents and providing a virtual tour of the community and its lifestyle.

Local Flight on a Searey

This is a video of a flight of two Searey Amphibians to Spruce Creek and then flying along the beaches of Daytona and New Smyrna, FL. The pilots are Phil Mendelson and Bill Furr.

Ormond to Spruce Creek

A Flight from Ormond Beach to Spruce Creek, overhead Daytona International Airport & Speedway on a Liberty XL2

Gene McNeely

Spruce Creek's own Geene McNeely and his Aeroshell Aerobatic Team performing

The Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

The Aeroshell Aerobatic Team introduction video: Gene McNeely, Alan Henley, Steve Gustafson and Mark Henley

Bob Hoover and his Shrike

Bob Hoover's interview and discussion of his airshow techniques. Hoover's Shrike Commander was based at Spruce Creek during the off-season


Anonymous said...

Why has the SeaRey flight video been removed and why is the message in Russian??

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