February 20, 2008

Spruce Creek Aviation Videos

Enjoy this selection of videos sharing the passion...

The Red Bull Air Race in Rio de Janeiro

Watch the Red Bull Helicopter aerobatics

Stearman Grand Master John Mohr at Oshkosh 2007

Fishing and Airplanes sometimes don't mix...

Bumpy landing by Swiss Air at London City Airport

Landing at London - City (LCY / EGLC)

This pilot flies taildraggers in his spare time

Shortest Take off and Landing ever recorded

With this plane, who needs a runway ?

Flawless Engine-out Landing

Non-aviators often think that all is lost in the very rare occasions when the engines decide to go to sleep when in the air. While the maneuver is certainly considered an emergency, the plane still flies and can be taken to a "normal" landing as the video shows.


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